Life is full of precious moments.

we can capture them for you…

About Us

We are a team of photographers from Sri Lanka, who awaits your perfect moment to click away. Kick started embracing the blessing of a mother, for over 5 years we have been adjusting our focus on the untold stories of the most inexplicable moments of life. We use perfect skill to balance exposure and color, perfect lens to focus on you, to develop your dream photograph.

We are a group of reliable photographers, whose passion for photography, aesthetic in capturing and commitment in providing the best service are intermingled to offer you the most beautiful form of your past.

Inspired by candid photography, we capture the most effortless ‘you’ along with your truest and spontaneous emotions offering you the privilege to be alive in the once-lived priceless moments of your life through a series of motionless pictures. We strive to furnish a unique photography experience which preserves your precious moments for a lifetime and beyond. We show our expertise in wedding and concert photography. During the past years of our venture, we have eternalized the most unforgettable days of over 100 couples here in Sri Lanka. And for the upcoming concert you organize we can assure you our best concert photographer.

With Mother’s blessings, we Mama’s photography is here to capture your most candid self for you to relive the precious moments of life.

Why Choose Us ?

Because when things matter, you’ve only got one shot. And there’s no substitute for experience.
MAMA’S Photography prides itself on delivering an exceptional photography experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. Let us be a part of your special day and treat yourself to the best memories that you deserve. MAMA’S is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, personalizing their event experiences, providing an innovative environment, and making difference. When it comes to those once-in-a-lifetime moments when you’ve got one shot at getting it right, you better make sure the person behind the camera is a pro. A proven professional photographer that is.

There’s no greater proof than when the letters MAMA’S follow a footsteps of mesmerizing work of art. They designate a professional photographer, someone who is an outing in the extra work to stay above the rest, it assures you of their professional knowledge and experience, while also declaring that photographer as one who has achieved and maintains higher standards. As one of the most committed, artistic, leading, and experienced photographers in Sri Lanka, there’s no better investment than MAMA’S PHOTOGRAPHY.

Areas Of Expertise

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.


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